Despite me being a part of Pinterest’s target demographic, the first time I’ve ever made something using a recipe found via Pinterest was only a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’m aware it’s 2016.  Before you go act all shocked:

I do cook and bake.  Not on a regular basis, but the concept is not a foreign one.   But when I do make something, out come the recipes we’ve used time and time again, because they’re the tried-and-true.   While certainly nobody was complaining about me making chocolate chocolate chip cookies for the umpteenth time, I decide to branch out a little and try something new.

The very first recipe I tried from Pinterest was a winner.  I’ve already made it twice.  It has already been approved by at least a dozen people, and it only takes three ingredients.

Last (but certainly not least) one of those ingredients is chocolate.  Naturally.

The recipe? Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge from the House of Yumm:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge


To recap:  A few weeks ago, I may have mentioned something about plans to be brave and try chocolate with BIG ants on it.  The point was not because it sounded perfectly thrilling (far from it!) but rather because it was a type of chocolate I hadn’t tried, and I’m apparently up for trying anything chocolate related… for the experience of it all.

Well, almost anything.  I’m sure I might run across something covered in chocolate that I might balk at.  Can’t think of anything right now though.  (Bacon, goat’s milk, hot pepper, cilantro, and the like are all fair game.)  Wait.  Let me take that back; I thought of something.  Chocolate with worms on it might be going a bit too far.   (Don’t ask me to explain the difference between ants in chocolate and worms in chocolate.  It has something to do with the texture.)

In case you forgot how big the bachaco ants were, or how the pincers were very, very real, let me remind you:

Chocolate With Fat Bottomed Ants Gallery Photo

Well.  This past weekend was the ant-tasting party.  It just so happened there were fifteen ants and exactly fifteen adventurous taste-tasters, so that worked out perfectly.  (There may also have been a few onlookers, a few other types of non-insect-infested chocolates, and chocolate fudge involved.)


When I think of Italy, I think of history.  And architecture.  And good food, and family.  Now, thanks to Perugina 51% Cacao, I’ll also think of chocolate as well.

My first taste of Perugina chocolate was in the form of Baci, chocolates with a hazelnut filling, wrapped with a love note (“Say I Love You The Italian Way”).  They were tasty, but didn’t exactly make my top ten list (only because nothing involving nuts usually makes my top ten list).

(Technically my top 10 list doesn’t exist.  And if it did, it would probably look different every few weeks!)

Much time has been to devoted to designing chocolate packaging to tempt consumers.  This consumer loved the richness of the reds, golds, and browns of the Perugina 51% Cacao packaging:

Perugina 51% Cacao Chocolate Bar Wrapper


I seem to have a reputation of being more than a casual fan of chocolate.

It’s come to the point where multiple friends call me to report if they’ve found any new chocolates, and I often show up here and there with chocolates that are too good not to share.  (Like one of my latest acquisitions, Green and Black’s Maya Gold.)

And then there is the fact that one of my favorite T-shirts says:

I Heart Love Chocolate T-Shirt

(Sorry. There are currently no internet-worthy photos of me actually wearing this shirt.  While photos do exist…I seem to recall one of me wearing it while showing off two 1kg bars of chocolate…let’s just say the picture quality was awful and leave it at that.)


If I were keeping a list of the chocolates that I’ve never tried (or never even heard of until the past few months), the list would be quite extensive.   The variety of chocolates available worldwide is literally mind boggling.

My goal is to, slowly but surely, make a dent in the list of chocolates I haven’t tried…thereby lengthening the list of chocolates I have tried.

One of the latest brands that made it from one list to the other is NewTree Chocolate.  NewTree Lime Granola Chocolate is now on my list of favorites, my list to try again, and my list to spread the word about….’cause it’s DELICIOUS.

NewTree Lime Granola Chocolate


What do I mean by “there’s more chocolate than you think”?

In the future, I’ll explain how I found out that there is more chocolate than I thought… a rather large community of creative chocolate makers that didn’t even exist when I started eating chocolate (back in the age when floppy drives roamed the earth).

Today, though, I just want to make sure you’re not missing anything being added to The Chocolate Website behind the scenes or on social media.

Case in point, the chocolate photo gallery.  New photos like these are added several times a week:

More Chocolate - Sinfonia Chocolate from Venezuela

More Chocolate - Cherry Chocolate


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Until next time…

In January, somebody asked if they could bring me anything from their travels to various islands via cruise ship.

T-shirts or trinkets never even crossed my mind; my immediate reply was, “No, thanks.  What I want would melt!”

Undaunted, they said they’d see what they could do.   A week or two later, I found myself the recipient of a delightful selection of (non-melted!) chocolates, including a rather fantastic assortment of Valor Chocolate (Chocolates Valor) from Spain: