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I don’t like chocolate.

Oh who am I fooling?! I love chocolate. Specifically, chocolate without nuts. (After all, “nuts take up space where chocolate ought to to be”.)  And my personal opinion is that chocolate with raisins in it is just *wrong*. (Don’t send hate mail.) When I’m not cruising the internet for all-things-chocolate or photographing chocolate or baking with chocolate or eating chocolate, I’m usually sleeping (and dreaming about chocolate). (Oh. I might also have a day job. Tragically, it does not involve chocolate.) (In addition to chocolate I also like oldies music, specifically this oldies music.)

TCW_scrabbleIf you like this website a lot, you’re welcome to send me chocolate. Specifically Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse. Or Chocolove Crystallized Ginger or Amedei Toscano Red or Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries . Except you likely don’t have my address.  Hmmm.  Well, then: Buy it for yourself and eat it in my honor. (Not like you needed an excuse.)

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