Very recently, there was a milestone birthday at my house (I turned the big nottelling-0 earlier this month), during which I celebrated by….not having any chocolate.

That is correct.   This chocolate lover did not have any chocolate whatsoever on her birthday.  This was for two reasons.

  1. I’d had more than my fair share of chocolate over the past month or two. (The chocolate you see on this site? I had a part in eating a lot of it.  And you haven’t seen all the outtakes, or the photos that haven’t been published yet!)
  2. A little bird told me that some of my gifts would be either partially or entirely composed of chocolate.

The little bird was correct.   My parents decided to deviate from conventional brands and flavors; one of their gifts was a stone-ground, hand-crafted, raw, vegan chocolate giftset by Rawmio, with intriguing flavors such as sprouted almonds and hemp!













Multiple sources, such as The Independent, are reporting that the newly proposed Cadbury chocolate flavors are…

Wait.  Better take a moment.  I suggest a few deep breaths.  And making sure your stomach is already perfectly settled, because if it isn’t, I’m afraid it might get a little upset.

Ready?  The proposed new flavors are:

Kale Creme
Beetroot Jelly
Wasabi Crunch

cadbury_wasabiPhoto Credit: Mondelez International

“A press release said the Kale Creme chocolate tapped into trends for savoury tastes, while the Beetroot Jelly responded to the popularity of superfoods and Wasabi Crunch reflected the popularity of Asian flavours.”


Allow me to set the stage for the time my photographer went on strike…

Location: Non air-conditioned house
Season: August
Props: Two flexible lamps with their necks craned, Pixar-style, so they’re cheerfully peering inside the lightbox.  Additionally, there is a halogen lamp off to the side, emitting enough heat to rival an oven.
Operation Code Name: Kill Spot (As in: Turn the lights off when they’re not needed so we don’t die of heat exhaustion.  Not as in: Do away with Fido.)



I was reading an article regarding the chocolate chip cookie hair trend in Seventeen Magazine. (Disclaimer: I’m quite a bit older than seventeen.  Yet I love Reminisce Magazine and I’m more than quite a bit younger than seventy.)  (Why is it that, in the end, I’ll likely receive more comments on how you don’t have to be a certain age to love things, than I will about hair tinted in chocolate-and-cookie-shades?!)

But I digress….

Anyone from the U.S. or anyone whose sweet tooth is influenced by traditional cookies made in the U.S. (or anyone who watches U.S. media!) is likely very familiar with the chocolate chip cookie:

chocolatechipcookiehairPhoto Credit: Getty


Looking for a super-moist, super-easy, super-yummy brownie recipe?

My favorite brownie recipe is the “Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies”.   This recipe doesn’t call for a huge amount of ingredients and takes no time at all to whip up.

In addition to being available the old fashioned way (typed up/written out!), this recipe is now available on video:

These brownies are particularly decadent with either lemon or chocolate frosting.  (The frosting recipes are included in the written-out version.)


Dear Ritter Sport,

I will get straight to the point.

I’ve fallen in love with your chocolate.

  • Perhaps I shouldn’t be.  (How many Cocoa Mousses is it safe for a girl to eat in a week, anyway?!)
  • Perhaps the feeling isn’t mutual.  (What else would explain Coconut and Peppermint and Espresso – three flavors I long to try – not being available where I live?)

RitterSportExpressoPhoto Credit: Ritter Sport


I have a chocolate drawer.  There.  I said it.  My deep, dark, sometimes milk secret is out in the open now. (Although technically it hasn’t been a well-kept secret. All of my neighbors know about it and I’m not shy about singing its praises.)

For the uninitiated: It’s not a drawer made out of chocolate.  It is a whole drawer in the refrigerator containing nothing but chocolate.*  Everyone should have one.  It is the secret to staying sane AND keeping a woman happy.


(This used to be in my chocolate drawer.  It’s not there now.  It’s looooong gone.)


In a minute: I will show you a fun chocolate molecule t-shirt.

First and foremost: It has come to my attention that chocolate is not on the periodic table of elements.

Shocking, I know.

After all, chocolate is a very important element in our lives.   Practically every home contains chocolate, unlike, for example, molybdenum.   (Molybdenum is on the periodic table of elements, but how many of us even know whether we have molybdenum in anything at home?)

(Random fact: Molybdenum is a refractory metal and I actually know how to pronounce it.  It’s more like mull-EHB-dunum than Mollie B. Denim.)

So how can us chocolate lovers show off our affection in a semi-scientific fashion? I ran across this Chocolate Molecule T-Shirt:

Chocolate Molecule T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Computer Gear

I want one!

Better yet, I want one for my sister.  If she wears it, I’ll actually see it.  Plus, she was just telling me she wanted more T-shirts.  And it’s just nerdy enough to be her style…