Rare is the time I use nuts in photographs, but it just so happens that cashews were in the house at the same time as a bar of chocolate with chopped cashews.  It seemed only natural to add a few cashews to the photo.

Disappearing Props Video - Cashews and Chocolate

The funny thing is, the cashews started disappearing.

Afterwards, when viewing the photos, it was pretty clear as to exactly what happened, so I made a little time-lapse disappearing props video to show you:

My photographer was snacking on the props!

Looking for a super-moist, super-easy, super-yummy brownie recipe?

My favorite brownie recipe is the “Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies”.   This recipe doesn’t call for a huge amount of ingredients and takes no time at all to whip up.

In addition to being available the old fashioned way (typed up/written out!), this recipe is now available on video:

These brownies are particularly decadent with either lemon or chocolate frosting.  (The frosting recipes are included in the written-out version.)