There are a startling amount of chocolate brands that are either:

Hard or impossible to find outside of their country of origin
Not available in many flavors worldwide.

There is, of course, a solution (of sorts). If the chocolate can’t come to you, why not come to it?

If you happen to be planning a trip to Venezuela, you may want to do some research regarding which chocolates to sample during your visit. (You’ve probably heard; Venezuelan chocolate is rather famous.  Case in point: Two of the top eight chocolate bars mentioned in recent New York Time article were from….you guessed it!)  I’ll cheat and help you with your homework.  One of the many brands you should be on the lookout for is Mantuano Chocolate.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of sampling Mantuano (in my case, more times that I care to count) could technically keep our lips sealed.    However, that would be a “the less you buy, the more there is for me” mentality, and that is not my modus operandi.  I believe good things ought to be shared.

Mantuano Chocolate Review Photo 2



Awhile back, I stumbled onto a site called Chocri.  Simply put, they make customized chocolate bars from Belgian chocolate.

More elaborately, there should be a fanfare and shower of confetti when someone discovers Chocri or a similar company for the first time.  (Yes, I am known for being a little dramatic.)  I lost all track of time, totally in awe of my new discovery.   Never heard of Chocri?  First, on their website, choose the type of chocolate you prefer (dark, milk, white, or milk-and-white).  Then comes the “hard” part: selecting up to five flavors (from an amazing selection of fruits, nuts, spices, candies, & other toppings) to customize your chocolate bar.

Chocri Customized Chocolate Bar













Customized Chocolate Bars – Flavor Combination Examples:


Multiple sources, such as The Independent, are reporting that the newly proposed Cadbury chocolate flavors are…

Wait.  Better take a moment.  I suggest a few deep breaths.  And making sure your stomach is already perfectly settled, because if it isn’t, I’m afraid it might get a little upset.

Ready?  The proposed new flavors are:

Kale Creme
Beetroot Jelly
Wasabi Crunch

cadbury_wasabiPhoto Credit: Mondelez International

“A press release said the Kale Creme chocolate tapped into trends for savoury tastes, while the Beetroot Jelly responded to the popularity of superfoods and Wasabi Crunch reflected the popularity of Asian flavours.”