Multiple sources, such as The Independent, are reporting that the newly proposed Cadbury chocolate flavors are…

Wait.  Better take a moment.  I suggest a few deep breaths.  And making sure your stomach is already perfectly settled, because if it isn’t, I’m afraid it might get a little upset.

Ready?  The proposed new flavors are:

Kale Creme
Beetroot Jelly
Wasabi Crunch

cadbury_wasabiPhoto Credit: Mondelez International

“A press release said the Kale Creme chocolate tapped into trends for savoury tastes, while the Beetroot Jelly responded to the popularity of superfoods and Wasabi Crunch reflected the popularity of Asian flavours.”

Thankfully, it looks like we (the general public) are going to be spared from having to make the decision of whether or not we’re brave enough to try such out-of-the-ordinary flavors.  There are no current plans for these flavors to go on sale.  Instead, they could one day make their way into one of Cadbury’s Milk Tray assortments.

cadbury_beetrootPhoto Credit: Mondelez International

“Previous Milk Tray chocolates have included the 1920 Peach Crème and 1960s Lime Cordial.”  Mmmm.  Sounds delicious.  I’ve recently tried chocolate with red pepper and chocolate with hemp.  Additionally, I am mentally preparing myself to try chocolate with a little extra protein.  (More on that another time!) Those have currently filled my “let’s taste something new and unusual” cravings for a little while.

I’ll be sticking with a classic Cadbury bar I know I like.

Maybe by the time I have a few more crazy flavors under my belt, eating wasabi chocolate would be no big deal.

Until then… no thanks.

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