To recap:  A few weeks ago, I may have mentioned something about plans to be brave and try chocolate with BIG ants on it.  The point was not because it sounded perfectly thrilling (far from it!) but rather because it was a type of chocolate I hadn’t tried, and I’m apparently up for trying anything chocolate related… for the experience of it all.

Well, almost anything.  I’m sure I might run across something covered in chocolate that I might balk at.  Can’t think of anything right now though.  (Bacon, goat’s milk, hot pepper, cilantro, and the like are all fair game.)  Wait.  Let me take that back; I thought of something.  Chocolate with worms on it might be going a bit too far.   (Don’t ask me to explain the difference between ants in chocolate and worms in chocolate.  It has something to do with the texture.)

In case you forgot how big the bachaco ants were, or how the pincers were very, very real, let me remind you:

Chocolate With Fat Bottomed Ants Gallery Photo

Well.  This past weekend was the ant-tasting party.  It just so happened there were fifteen ants and exactly fifteen adventurous taste-tasters, so that worked out perfectly.  (There may also have been a few onlookers, a few other types of non-insect-infested chocolates, and chocolate fudge involved.)

Please pardon the lack of pictures.   I was too busy making sure everyone that wanted an ant had an ant.  That, and chuckling over the many ways there are to sample this chocolate.  Offhand, my two favorite approaches were:

  • The Putting-Off-The-Inevitable (nibbling all the chocolate from around the ant before having no choice but to eat it)
  • The-Gobble (popping the whole thing right into one’s mouth and crunching the ant…as enthusiastically as it’s possible to crunch on an ant)

Reactions were mixed.  The chocolate surrounding the ant was delicious (this was pretty much unanimous).  As for the ants themselves?

“Couldn’t really taste it.”
“Very crunchy!”
“I was expecting it to be more acidic!”
“It’s not bad at all.”

(Potentially upcoming: A short video showing a few reactions.)

My personal opinion (without over-dramatizing the whole ordeal) can be summed up in three words:  It was interesting.  The ant wasn’t good, but it wasn’t awful.   Thinking about eating it turned out to be worse than actually eating it.

It was an experience, that’s for sure!

There is one more photo: Some non-insect-infested chocolates that showed up to the party.  (Droste is from Holland, as you may have guessed from the tulips)!

Droste Chocolate Assortment

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