Confession time: I just ate the Equator.

Either that, or part of an ocean.  I didn’t pay too much attention to whether it was the Atlantic or the Pacific; my eyes had been a little glazed over ever since opening the wrapper of my first bar of Salazon chocolate.   No boring square shapes for them!  Instead, I discovered the world, intricately molded in chocolate.

Salazon Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate, unwrapped:

Salazon Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Map

It’s always a treat to open up a bar of chocolate and find such an exquisite design.

Salazon Chocolate offers organic, single-origin, salted dark chocolate.  Each bar is hand-sprinkled with natural sea-salt.  I opted for caramel, as a spoonful of caramel helps the sea-salt go down, in the most delightful…. Oh.  Wait.  That isn’t exactly how Mary Poppins put it.   (Let’s just put it this way: I wanted to try Salazon, but am wary of salt in my chocolate.  It only tempts my taste buds if done correctly.)

For the record, Salazon does it correctly.

Salazon_Caramel_Sea Salt_Chocolate_Wrapper

While it was easy to pick out the flavor of salt in this sweet-but-not-too-sweet 57% dark chocolate with caramel bar, the salt flavor was not overpowering (thankfully).   The flavor of the caramel inside was mostly hidden by the salted chocolate surrounding it, but occasionally I was able to detect a hint of the rich, buttery taste.

For anyone who loves chocolate with salt, I believe Salazon Caramel would be right up their alley.   For anyone who doesn’t think they’d like chocolate with salt but would like to give it a try, this bar is milder (read: better!) than some other sea-salt chocolates I have tried.

A parting shot…


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