It’s one of those days.  I can’t seem to get interested in a specific chocolate to tell you about (although I’m sure I’ll snap out of it…there were some milk chocolate covered almonds recently that were so good they made me forget I don’t like nuts in my chocolate).  Nor is there any great chocolate baking or making or purchasing to recount.  So, the blank screen keeps starting at me, and it’s all I can do to resist the temptation to publish something ridiculously short and leave it at that.  “Something Witty Goes Here” – The End

On a normal week, I would be writing about pictures like these (or at least taking pictures like these).

Something Witty Goes Here Photo - Taza Chocolate with Crocheted Doily & Candle

Why is this not a normal week?

This week, as it so happens, the camera went bye-bye (without me!).   I think when it got all packed up, my creativity hid itself away in the bag and went along for the ride.  While it is gone, my options are basically a lets-not-go-there-it’s-that-bad cameraphone and a ten-year-old digital camera.  I’ve been informed (slightly indignantly matter-of-factly, by its owner) that the digital camera does take perfectly nice pictures, even if it is old.  The thing is, I haven’t taken the time to get on its good side, to see if it will take nice pictures for ME.  (The last time I used this digital camera it must have been miffed at me about something.  It decided all I was going to get was blurry, blurrier, and blurriest.)

This week has gone something like this:

  • Oooo.  This chocolate and this prop would go lovely together and …wait.  No camera.
  • That big bar of white chocolate is still around biding its time, a picture of chopped white chocolate would be neat with…wait.  No camera.
  • There is an amazing chocolate bark recipe I’ve been meaning to try and my excuse to make it is to get pictures of it but wait… you guessed it.

So.  In the meantime, you’ll probably find me setting up shots and taking really bad photos, so the scene can be recreated later.  Actually, I should have been doing this prep work all along.  Chocolate sweats (yes, I saw that pretend shocked face), and if I’ve trained it how to pose ahead of time, there’s less of a chance of it getting nervous later.

A parting reminder:  If you’re not on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve been missing out on photos like these:

















Pictured: Ritter Sport (Yogurt), Divine (White Chocolate with Strawberries), Ganache Chocolates (Assorted Pralines), Godiva (Dessert Truffles), Green & Black’s (Hazelnuts & Currants), Franceschi (60% Dark Sur de Lago), Madecasse (Toasted Coconut), and Chocolateria HD.   There are even more photos in the photo gallery.

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