A frozen Snickers bar is pretty much a jawbreaker, but my dad likes his Snickers frozen.  At least, he did many years ago, because one of the chocolate memories that stands out in my mind, back when my sister and I were pre-teens, involves Dad and frozen Snickers bars.

Dad went to the store by himself one weekend and – to our delight – came home with a whole box of Snickers bars.  I’ve forgotten exactly how many bars the box contained.  It looked like a lot to us, so it must have been 24 or 48 standard size bars.  Mom happened to be out of the kitchen when the purchases were being unpacked, so the Snickers bars were smuggled into the freezer and painstakingly hidden behind Mom-approved items (thinking back, that likely would have been salmon steaks, vegetables, and veggie burgers).

Snickers BarNow, we wondered:  How long it would be before they were discovered?  As I recall, it took quite a few days. Every time Mom would open the fridge, we’d come running to see if she was opening the freezer.  We’d start giggling at our little secret, causing her to wonder what was going on.  We wouldn’t tell.

Of course we were on hand to witness the discovery; she was routing through the freezer either organizing or finding something to make for dinner and all of the sudden she drew back a little, somewhat in shock, and said, “What is THIS?! And how did it get in here!?”  (It was very obvious what it was, and it was very obvious who had done it, but one must say something!)

Our giggles turned into laughter; we wasted no time divulging the culprit (and, if I remember correctly, naming off how many times he’d snuck a Snickers out of the freezer without being caught)!

Dad did share his treat, but I always had to let mine thaw first.  Frozen caramel is tough!

Any childhood memories involving chocolate you care to share?

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