If you recall, I was going to try a few foods dipped in chocolate to see what they tasted like.  No time was wasted:

Foods Dipped in Chocolate - Bacon

Bacon:  This was my favorite pairing of the day.  Chewy, salty bacon and sweet, thick chocolate are a combination I do not plan on eating often (think of the calories!) but they are most definitely very tasty together.

Foods Dipped in Chocolate - Coconut

Coconut: Coconut & chocolate technically would have been my top choice, except I have had coconut & chocolate together many times in the past and therefore discounted it from being my favorite combo of this taste-testing session.  (Like Mounds bars… mmmmmm!)

Foods Dipped in Chocolate - Oreos

Oreos:  Oreos dipped in chocolate were pretty much guaranteed to be delicious, and I was not disappointed.   (I can also personally vouch for the fact that oreos completely covered in chocolate – as opposed to a mere dunking – are even more delicious.)

Foods Dipped in Chocolate - Potato Chips

Potato Chips:  In all honesty, this is just a more fragile version of dipping bacon in chocolate.   (No offense to the potato chip fans!)  I’d pick the bacon….

Now, back to serving my chocolate at completely separate times than my food….

Wait one second.

I can just hear you thinking, “Didn’t you say that you were going to do celery?”  I did. Really I did!  However, I haven’t quite recovered enough to talk about it yet.   (Yes, that is me being dramatic.)  Celery dipped in chocolate photos should debut on Twitter and Instagram sometime in the next week or two.

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