Put on your thinking caps, because I need a little help with a crazy or cool chocolate idea.   (It’s a crazy idea if you think chocolate should always be eaten in bar form.  It’s rather cool if you have adventurous taste buds and like playing with your food.)

There are a few items that I have always wondered what they would taste like coated or dipped in melted chocolate or chocolate sauce.  While I don’t intend to make a habit of always enrobing certain foods (or any food at all!) with chocolate, trying a few out-of-the-ordinary chocolate and food pairings might make for a interesting story.  As an example, allow me to present Exhibit A:

A Crazy or Cool Chocolate Idea - Pineapple with Chocolate Photo

(Apparently we weren’t convinced everyone would recognize pineapple when they saw it; hence the addition of  the pineapple skin and top.)  (Kidding.  In reality, I thought the photo looked prettier with them included.)

The pineapple was supposed to be dunked in chocolate at the same time as everything else I had in mind, but it just so happened it was ripe on a day there was absolutely no time to fry the bacon.    This project will have to be done in sections, but it gives me a chance to show you what else is scheduled to be dipped or covered and ask for additional ideas.

Oreos:  Am I the only one who hasn’t tried chocolate-covered oreos?  Probably.

Bacon:   Apparently bacon and chocolate are a perfect mix of “salty and sweet”.  I’d like to try it – just once – for myself.

Celery:  No. That was not a typo.  And it is not my intention to gross anyone out.   This choice is a little unusual, but when was the last time you saw a photo of chocolate dipped celery?  I figure it might turn a few heads…

Potato Chips:  Eating potato chips dunked in chocolate is probably close to the same as bacon, but I’d still like to try this combo.

Now…what am I missing?  What do you think is the perfect (or the craziest) food to dip or cover in chocolate?  Feel free to get creative and let me know in the comments!

(By the way…pineapple and chocolate are delicious together.)

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