I’ve discovered quite a lot of fun things printed on chocolate packaging lately.   Some are quotes.   Some are silly.  Some are insightful.   Some have made me laugh out loud.  In short, my chocolate wrappers are making me chuckle.  I thought I’d share a few with you.

First off, when I was about to open my Hedgehog in the Fog (white chocolate with bergamot and black pepper) bar by Only Child Chocolate….

My Chocolate Wrappers Are Making Me chocolate -Only Child Chocolate Still Life Photo

….I found: “You don’t have to share, we won’t tell your mom.”  Hilarious.

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Only Child Chocolate

(For the record, I DID share with my mom.)  But: good to know.

Seen on my Potomac Nibs wrapper: “This chocolate is handcrafted to be savored. Take your time; enjoy.”

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Potomac Chocolate

Took my time.  Enjoyed.

Letterpress Mint had this to say: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”  -Benjamin Franklin

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Letterpress Chocolate

(Benjamin Franklin was apparently quite witty.   I did a search; what was supposed to be a quick search to pick my favorite Benjamin Franklin turned into 10 minutes of reading practically a hundred quotes…and the realization I can’t pick just one.)

Next up, look what was hiding on the bottom of my Boho Mint Crunch bar:  “You can almost hear the crunch.”

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Boho Chocolate

A bar so crunchy you can almost hear the crunch just by looking at it.  What a novelty!

It was impossible to miss the “Flip the world right side up” on my Madecasse Honey Crystal bar:

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Madecasse Chocolate

(A recipe or directions on how to do that were not included.)  (But presumably a good start would be eating this chocolate….?!)

Ranger 70% Peru says: “Eat good chocolate.”

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Ranger Chocolate

Obviously I do because, well…see all the chocolate bars above!

I’m still chuckling over the back of my Moonstruck Milk Mayan Bar months after opening it.  “It is widely held that the Mayans’ love for chocolate was so strong they fought over cacao beans.  Perhaps that is why Moonstruck Milk Chocolate Mayan is so alluring.  Sneak a bite whenever possible.   Appear innocent at all costs.  Replenish your stash often.”

My Chocolate Wrappers are Making Me Chuckle - Moonstruck Chocolate

I’m still working on appearing innocent at all costs (apparently I don’t have much of a poker face) but I whole-heartedly agree with replenishing your stash with Moonstruck Milk Mayan Bar often.  SO. GOOD.

That’s all for now….