I have a picture I want to show you.  It’s a bright and cheerful chocolate photo and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. Not because I was the one who took this photo. And not just because the picture contains chocolate.  Oh, and certainly not because it contains a lot of orange.  (I’m not the biggest fan of the color orange.) But pair a bright orange with a bright pink and a cheerful chocolate wrapper and ooooooooo I just get HAPPY. Happy happy happy happy happy.  Ok. I’ll stop.

Just in case you’re either a fan of orange or pink or bright or cheerful or happy, I’d like to share it with you:

A Bright and Cheerful Chocolate - Chocolates Paria(Chocolates Paria, 60% Dark, Made in Venezuela)

Making this photo my desktop background image made me even happier, and re-tasting this chocolate was icing on the cake. It had been a long time since I’d had this particular Paria bar.  Its texture is not quite as smooth as some chocolates, although it is not nearly as gritty as, say, stone-ground Taza. (Speaking of Taza, my favorite so far is the cinnamon!) The taste is right up my alley; dark but not too dark, very sweet, with the satisfying flavor of chocolate made with care using high quality Venezuelan beans.

Seemingly, it didn’t occur to me take a plain photo of this chocolate bar when it was unwrapped to show you.  (Of course I took a photo of the chocolate bar when it was unwrapped, but I wouldn’t exactly call it plain.)

Ever heard the song “My Favorite Things?”  Instead of girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, my favorite things are flowers.  And chocolates.  And chocolates and flowers together.  Understandably, flowers are not everyone’s cup of tea and therefore I will make an attempt not to include them TOO often. (Probably without much success.)

There’s something about Chocolates Paria. I can recall another photo that turned out rather well (if I may be so bold).  It wasn’t as bright, but it was elegant:


There are also Chocolates Paria bars with hummingbirds.  And sea turtles.   Pics or it ain’t so, you say?   They’re coming!  Not this week or next, but they’re coming!

Please excuse me; I’ve got a meeting. With Bup.  Who’s Bup?  His full name is Seagate Backup Plus. He is currently storing roughly 160gigs of chocolate photos for me.  That’s a lot of photos.

And a lot of chocolate.  Not that I’m complaining.




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