I’ve quickly decided it is simply not possible to write an entire article or commentary for every bit of chocolate related news.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.

It is, however, entirely possible to present a collection of assorted chocolate news that I found interesting.  Therefore, this week, I present:

Assorted Chocolate News (2016 – Week 2)

(Mmmm.  Assorted chocolates.  I am officially making myself hungry.)

Sisters Who Can’t Eat Chocolate Due to Dangerous Health Condition
It’s hard to imagine, but there are those who can never take a single bite of chocolate without endangering their lives.  It sounds as if these girls are making the best of their situation by experimenting with new dishes made with ingredients on their “safe food” list.

Things I Know to Be True About Craft Chocolate & Small Business: As The Dust Settles on Mast-Gate
A well written, thought provoking article on Huffington Post by Shawn Askinosie (Founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate).   “It’s not about the chocolate, it’s about the chocolate.”

Chocolate Makers Fight a Melting Supply of Cocoa
We’re being told not to panic.  Yet.

Then, of course, last not but least, there was the Toblorange:  Simple Lifehack to Make “The Best Chocolate Bar in The World”

Toblorange Photo Credit: James Hannah

If you took one look and guessed that a lot of people got a stomach ache when trying this out with their Toblerone at home, you’d have guessed correctly!