I knew the day was coming.

For a long time, I’ve lived with the realization that chocolate with ants existed. And that, one day, it would be available somewhere locally, and that I would make myself buy it.  It would make for a great story and, apparently, “you haven’t lived until you’ve gone out on a limb and eaten chocolate with bugs”. Think of the extra protein!

Bugs are not my thing.  Bugs in chocolate are definitely not my thing.  But for the sake of trying as wide a variety of chocolates as possible (and hopefully living to tell about it), and because such a chocolate was too interesting to pass up, I bought a bar.

I’ll be honest.  I was hoping for a chocolate with tiny, black ants that could be mistaken for bits of pepper if one didn’t think about it too hard.    What ended up staring me straight in the face and following me home was a little alarming:  larger-than-should-be-legal bachaco ants:

Chocolate Studded With Fat Bottomed AntsMantuano 60% Lemon With Bachaco Ants

Google has informed me that this variety are leaf cutter ants straight from the rain forest.   I didn’t even need to be told that these ants are rather famous for their large, fat bottoms (as that part was quite obvious at a glance).