Alternate Title: Decorating Homes with Genuine Chocolate Flakes is a Thing…Right?

My apologies for the long radio silence.  Apparently I’ve allowed taking pictures of chocolate and eating chocolate to interfere with writing about chocolate.  (In my defense, how am I going to have anything to write about if I don’t get to play with it?)  The pictures I’ve taken are available on Instagram or right here in the photo gallery.  Thanks to the recent rains, there were fresh flowers available to help decorate some shots.  I thought flowers looked lovely with the stunning (and very tasty) Marou Lam Dong 74% chocolate from Vietnam.

Marou Chocolate - Vietnam - Part of "Making Chocolate Requires Caution Tape"

Today, I’m mainly here to tell you about how much I got teased for the dedication to my art.
(Those are my words. If you would have asked the bystanders, they would have said I got teased because I made a mess.)

Scene: The Kitchen
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm some weekends ago
Main Cast: Me (Because I was the only one making the mess doing all the work.)
Supporting Cast:  My mom and my siblings (Because they were doing all the wisecracking.)


Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like chocolate an awful lot, if I may be so bold.

There are more than a few ways to eat chocolate. To keep it simple, let’s narrow it down to three basic methods:

#1. Straight from the refrigerator (when it’s nice and cold and HARD)
#2. Straight from the wrapper or box (room temperature)
#3. With a spoon or a knife because it is purposely melted past being able to be picked up

This is Method #3:melted_theobroma1

Method #1 is not my style (although I’m related to people who wouldn’t have it any other way)
Method #2 is fine for certain purposes (specialty chocolates, chocolate bars with caramel, etc.)
Method #3 is my favorite, as it allows me to fully enjoy the richness and flavor of the chocolate