I repeat, nothing in my house is safe.

Do we have monsters under the bed? Nope. (I’ve checked.) Termites? No. (At least not that I know of.)

Absolutely nothing is safe from the very real possibility of showing up alongside a bar of chocolate in my next batch of photos. If scented candles, half the spices in the cupboard, or my wallet could talk, you could ask them.  They’d tell you.  So would the colored pencils, paired here with Sweet Riot 85% Dark Chocolate:

Nothing In My House is Safe - Sweet Riot Chocolate with Colored Pencils

You’ll notice I didn’t even spare the bougainvilleas. They live outside the house.

Chocolate isn’t boring, but fifty pictures of chocolate bars on a plain background – no matter how exciting the wrappers are – gets a little repetitive.  Hence the props, to add a little…and I cannot believe I am saying this…pizzazz.  (That one was for you, Mom.)

Back to the Sweet Riot:

For many years, I was a 60% max kind of a girl.  (Which basically means that I was eating my chocolate entirely for the milk and sugar.)  Nowadays, 70% is fine and 85% is pushing it, unless, of course, it happens to be super creamy and fruity.  Like this one.

85% Dark was my first introduction to this brand, and I’m liking what I’m tasting so far.  It was very dark, yes, but the chocolate flavor was there loud and clear instead of being masked by other ingredients.   (Sweet Riot 85%’s ingredient list is comprised of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa, cane sugar, and vanilla extract – all organic.)  Most very dark chocolates taste fruity to me (I am still in the process of self-training myself to detect different “notes”) and this one was no exception.   (Chocolate is a fruit, after all!)

Sweet Riot Chocolate with Colored Pencils

Bye for now; I’m off to figure out how to make an interesting photo out of a dark chocolate bar, a wrench, and a bottle of WD-40.


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